About Us

Our Mission

 Mike Dee's Big Adventure encourages a focus on ability rather than disability and bringing together organizations that provide services and assistance to those with disabilities. 

Our Key Goals

  1.)  Mike Dee's Big Adventure seeks to empower youth with disabilities with an opportunity to exercise and strengthen their decision making skills, experience independent living and becoming a self-advocate. We do this by providing a weekend trip with their peers and information on agencies at no cost to families.  

 2.)  Our Non-Profit works closely with the Youth Leadership Forum for Students with Disabilities (YLF), a unique career leadership training program for high school juniors and seniors with disabilities. Mike Dee's Big Adventure serves as an extension for these young people with disabilities to cultivate leadership, citizenship, and social skills.   

3.)  Adults with disabilities who have traveled with Mike Dee's Big Adventure serve as mentors on "The Big Adventure." Many other volunteers, some with disabilities and some without, help to make the trip a success.   

4.)  Mike Dee's Big Adventure aims to continue to facilitate the opportunity for young adults with disabilities to learn to identify themselves with pride as individuals and as members of the very accomplished disability community. By providing an atmosphere of encouragement, the Big Adventure offers peers with common challenges and experiences the opportunity to learn from one another.